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Our ServicesDentures

Yes, we do dentures! We provide treatment in our office and work with a dental lab to ensure your dentures are comfortable and well fitting.

Complete Dentures Partial Dentures

Complete Dentures

When you’re looking for complete dentures, the treatment done in our office is even more important than the processing of the denture in the lab.

The treatment in our office includes:

  • examination
  • diagnosis
  • treatment planning (including the discussion of treatment alternatives)
  • preliminary impressions
  • individual impressions with a custom tray
  • bite (and other) registrations
  • try-in and alterations
  • usually another set of custom impressions
  • delivery and insertion
  • alterations (if required)
  • aftercare for 3 months free of charge

A lot of the lab work is done in our office. We always pour and mount the models ourselves and often set up the teeth ourselves to guarantee the best quality possible.

Are denturists the same as dentists?
No. Denturists are clinical dental technicians limited to dentures. They are not dental specialists nor are they dentists, and do not have university training. They are allowed only to make dentures AFTER a proper evaluation by a dentist.

Digital Dentures

Our complete dentures are ALL digital. These are milled by a computer, resulting in a better fit and less residual chemicals.

Along with better chemistry, digital dentures are stronger. If you lose a denture, we can just email the lab to make a new one, exactly like the first denture.

How do upper and lower dentures compare?

Upper Dentures
An upper complete denture usually works well without implant support.

Lower Dentures
A lower denture almost always just doesn’t fit snug enough, because there is little suction due to the horseshoe shape of the denture. Supporting the denture using two or more implants will make a huge difference. With two implants, attachments (like a snap on your clothing) are usually placed to secure the denture. If four or more implants are placed, a so-called non-removable “hybrid” denture is an excellent option.

Implant supported lower complete overdenture Click link above to view photo.

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Partial Dentures

If you have remaining teeth that are still solid, a partial denture can be made. From a simple “flipper” without clasps to a partial denture with a cast metal frame that is attached to teeth with clasps, there are several options.

And yes, computers are involved in making the metal framework.

Just as with complete dentures, the expert treatment done in our office will ensure that your partial dentures will be as comfortable and well fitting as possible.

The best solution depends on your budget and your individual needs. We’ll work with you to make sure you understand your options!

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