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Our ServicesTooth Whitening

Professional tooth whitening is a highly effective method of achieving a younger looking smile.

Professional Whitening Internal Bleaching Other Options

Professional Whitening

Professional tooth whitening (a.k.a. “bleaching”) done by a dentist is considerably faster and more effective than store bought products. Store bought products are weaker, take a lot longer, and bear a much higher nuisance factor.

Impressions are taken, models are made, and a thin plastic splint (similar to a mouthguard) is fabricated. You will receive the professional grade bleaching material, instructions, and aftercare.

By bleaching, stains are removed from within the teeth, making them look decades younger.

The active ingredient in professional whitening formulations is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide.

In some cases a temporary sensitivity can be experienced – this will disappear. As normal aging will still occur, a quick refresher application may be necessary once or twice a year. Your cost will just be the cost of the gel.

For as long as the splint fits, all you need is a refresher once or twice a year at a nominal cost to maintain your whiter and younger smile.

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Internal Bleaching

If you have a single tooth that is considerably darker (sometimes this happens after a root canal treatment), we can whiten the tooth by placing a whitening agent into the tooth for one or two weeks.

A sodium perborate mixture is used in this process instead of a bleaching gel. Two weeks later the tooth is much whiter.

Internal bleaching results in a normal looking tooth at a low cost.

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Other Options

In some situations, professional tooth whitening is not enough. You may need a combination of whitening, veneers, and/or crowns.

All of your options will be discussed with you on an individual basis in order to achieve optimum results.

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