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Our ServicesDental Implants

Advancements in the field of dental implants have changed dentistry altogether.

Implant Placement Implant Restoration Mini Implants

Implant Placement

A dental implant is a titanium dowel that is surgically placed into the jaw bone. This allows the replacement of a single tooth or multiple teeth.

And no, implant placement does not hurt. Most implants can be placed in our office. In some very difficult cases, we will refer you to an oral surgeon for evaluation and placement. If you want to participate in sports or work the next day, no problem!

We have been placing dental implants right here in our office since 2007. Furthermore, Dr. Mo has extensive experience in more difficult cases.

Dental Implant Solutions

Are you missing a single tooth?
An implant with a connector (the “abutment”) and a crown is usually the best solution.

Implant with abutment & molar crown Click link above to view photo.

Are you missing several teeth in one area?
Two or more implants with abutments and connected crowns or a bridge is likely the way to go.

Are you missing all teeth in one jaw, especially the lower jaw?
We’d probably recommend two or four implants in connection with snaps or a bar and an overdenture. Another option is four to six implants and a non-removable “hybrid” prosthesis. This is a complex situation and requires more discussion. Please contact us for more information.

Implant supported lower complete overdenture Click link above to view photo.

Start to Finish

Implant and abutment Custom Atlantis® abutment on Osseospeed EV® implant. Image courtesy of Dentsply Sirona.

Since we place dental implants in our office, in most cases you will not need to see an oral surgeon or visit the hospital for this procedure. In fact, it is much easier to drill a hole into bone than into a tooth! The discomfort after placement is minimal, and usually a lot less than a tooth extraction.

Just as importantly, this allows us to make sure the work performed is up to our high standards for the entire procedure, from placement through to the restoration phase (see below).

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Implant Restoration

After a placed implant has integrated to the bone, which typically takes up to three months, you are ready to have the abutment(s) plus the crown(s), bridge, or overdenture placed. We will need to take impressions and other registrations.

This is non-surgical, virtually painless, and usually does not require freezing.

We’ve been proudly restoring dental implants since 1989. Our first patient is still happily chewing on them!

During this phase, we attach the prosthetic tooth (or teeth) to the placed implant with a so-called implant abutment or mesostructure, a part that fits between the implant and the restoration.

Implant with custom abutment & prosthetic crown Click link above to view photo.

With this technique we can provide you with the very natural looking and feeling restorations.

After a crown or denture is attached to the implant and the treatment is completed, you will be surprised about the improvement in function, security, and looks.

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Mini Implants

Mini implants can be useful during orthodontic treatment. Other than that, not a good choice. They are too thin, and therefore break easily.

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