Questions about the new Canadian Dental Care Plan? Here’s what we know.

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Dental FAQsCanadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

The CDCP has sparked debate and concerns among industry professionals and patients alike due to its complex nature and potential implications.

Understanding the proposed CDCP

June 6th Update:
BCDA President’s Message Update on CDCP Activities

The Government’s proposed Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) aims to secure votes in the upcoming Federal election. However, there are aspects of the plan that raise concerns and complexities that need to be addressed.

We (as well as anybody else, apparently) do not have sufficient knowledge of what the Government is proposing.

However, we do believe that the CDCP is way more complicated than it looks.

Key Points about the CDCP

  • The CDCP Fee Guide is approximately 80% of the BC Fee Guide.
  • Coverage under the CDCP varies from 0% to 100% based on your last Income Tax return, resulting in actual coverage ranging from 0% to 80%.
  • Individuals who did not file an Income Tax return are deemed ineligible, potentially leaving the most vulnerable without coverage.
  • Fee items requiring predetermination may not be accessible until November 2024.
  • Certain common fee items will have significant limitations.
  • Patients are responsible for paying the difference between the BC Fee Guide and the CDCP Fee Guide.
  • A credit card authorization by the patient is necessary to allow for potential clawbacks by the government.

Challenges & Concerns

  • Dentists nationwide express overwhelming opposition to the CDCP in its current state, citing confusion outweighing benefits.
  • The bureaucratic processes associated with the CDCP are extensive.
  • Patients are currently opting to cancel existing insurance plans while anticipating the implementation of the CDCP. Which is a mistake.
  • The Government expects dentists to operate at a 20% discount, despite overhead costs being as high as 70%.
  • Contrary to initial promises, the CDCP is not free.
  • Inconsistencies and changes in government directives have further added to confusion.
  • The requirement for dentists to sign a contract with Sun Life is unprecedented.
  • Sun Life will be completely overwhelmed.

The CDCP seems to create more confusion than benefit. We still do not know all the facts.

Will the CDCP be accepted by most dentists?

Maybe, but likely not in its current form. Adjustments to the current structure are necessary to address concerns.

We will keep you posted on this website as well as we can.

Letter from the CDA to Health Minister

We encourage you to read a recent communication from the Canadian Dental Association to the Federal Minister of Health.

The letter addresses concerns and survey results regarding the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) conducted with nearly 4,000 dentists, highlighting low support levels and intent to participate in the program. It emphasizes the importance of addressing gaps and ensuring sufficient provider participation for the success of the plan.

Key Points:

  • Survey results indicate low support for CDCP among dentists, with over 7 in 10 opposing the program.
  • Recommendations include reducing administrative processes, allowing direct patient reimbursement, aligning fee grids with provincial guides, effective communication of program details, and clarity on integration with existing coverage.
  • The aim is to improve CDCP, promote better access to care, and encourage dentist participation to ensure equitable solutions to challenges.

Additional Resources

For more details, visit the Government of Canada website and refer to the Fee Schedule from Sun Life. You may also wish to read the BCDA President’s Message Update on CDCP Activities from June 6th 2024.